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Raw, deeply entrenched in unapologetic emotion, & soul. These are just a few words to describe the timeless sound of R&B singer-songwriter Tanya Nolan. Not your average musical artist, Tanya’s impressive gift of a voice carries inspiration from an era when R&B was still known as Rhythm & Blues, she is influenced by icons such as Billie Holiday, Chaka Khan, Minnie Ripperton, and Quincy Jones. Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Tanya is a self-proclaimed Southern girl through and through armed with Proclamations from the City of Houston as well as Galveston. Her unique musical journey began as a percussionist in her Middle School band which later evolved into her role as one of the first female frontline drummers at Grambling State University in Louisiana. Continuing to break down barriers, Tanya’s route towards becoming a professional artist has been far from typical. First and foremost, Tanya is a hugely successful entrepreneur within the childcare services industry. She owns the largest upscale childcare learning facility in Galveston County, Aww Better Childcare Center. She also owns a Licensed Child Care Center for over 16 years in Galveston, TX Nolan’s Child Care Center LLC. Unable to ignore a divine calling to sing and produce music, Tanya’s business empire has enabled her to pursue a second career in music. Tanya’s lyrical prowess often waxes poetic about love and joy, but also the pain and heartache that often intertwines with it. Her authentic words and relatable storytelling have attracted a strong following of loyal fans who listen to her music via top radio stations, satellite radio, in addition to national streaming platforms inclusive of Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart Radio. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Tanya’s video treatments often reflect the romantic relationship between two women, with Tanya’s wife even starring as her love interest in her 2019 “All For You” video. Following the success of her songs “No Pressure,” and “Smile on My Face,” Tanya’s latest single, “Good Woman,” is gaining traction across national radio and debuted as the #2 most added song to R&B radio stations across the country. “Good Woman” is sure to become an anthem as many of Tanya’s fans will sympathize with the notion of having a partner who does not appreciate having “a Good Woman like me” as Tanya echoes throughout the melodic ballad. When Tanya isn’t making and performing music, or planning her expansion of Aww Better Childcare Center, she enjoys mentoring younger artists, developing real estate, and spending time with her wife of 7 years.





TANYA-NOLAN.png Gold Grey BG Nancy.png

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